I spotkanie GameCampu w maju 2018

1st GameCamp conference – 28th of May 2018

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I  GameCamp conference was focused on Firebase. How to use Firebase to optimize app and game development, monetization, testing and measurement.  The biggest focus was put on mobile gaming examples.

During conference we had 82 people coming from different regions of Poland.


Agenda of 1st edition of Gamecamp:

  • CTO view on Firebase. How I used Firebase in my projects? Where I loved, where I saw limitations. (Marek Wawro)
  • How to create server-less backend with Firebase Cloud Functions (Michał Tuszyński)
  • Tips & tricks for Firebase Databases & Authentication (David Vávra)
  • Clever use cases for Firebase Remote Config you probably didn’t know about (Piotr Tuszyński)
  • Tips & tricks for Firebase Storage & Functions (David Vávra)
  • Wykorzystanie Firebase analytics w praktyce. Jak radzić sobie z ograniczeniami Firebase Analytics? (Mariusz Gąsiewski)
  • Efektywne testowanie A/B aplikacji z wykorzystaniem Firebase. Prezentacja oparta na przykładach i case studies. (Paweł Weder)
  • Firebase w świecie po I/O 2018. Kierunki rozwoju, roadmap (David Vávra, Mariusz Gąsiewski).


I spotkanie GamCampu w Warszawie

I spotkanie GameCampu w maju 2018

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