5th edition of GameCamp on 4-5th of March

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5th edition of GameCamp conference was focused on Monetisation and Growth. We had 232 participants from 122 mobile gaming companies.



Details about the content:

  • 2 days of content with 16 presentations and 2 discussion panels
  • majority of content was provided by leading gaming companies in the region and in the world
  • The 5th edition of GameCamp was opened by the keynote of RJ Mical, living legend of gaming industry (he co-invented Amiga computer, Atari Lynx – world’s first handheld electronic game with a color LCD).

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Some results from the event

We saw strong satisfaction from the event among its participants.

Satisfaction score

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Attendance at the event

We see growing attendance of people at the GameCamp edition. 5th edition was the biggest in terms of attendance.

GameCamp 5th - summary - Google Sheets 2019-03-12 15-04-34.png
GameCamp 5th - summary - Google Sheets 2019-03-12 15-04-16.png


Below you can see agenda of the event

Growth Day – 1st day of the event

Monetisation Day – 2nd day of the event

Pictures from the event

You can see some pictures from the event below.
b.jpg_ JWA_20190305_cw_00065.jpg_ JWA_20190304_cw_00210.jpg
_ JWA_20190305_cw_00159.jpg_ JWA_20190304_cw_00167.jpg_ JWA_20190304_cw_00049.jpg
Link to whole album: 1st day and 2nd day




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