3rd edition of GameCamp

9.30 - 10.00
Registration + coffee
10.00 - 10.10
A few words for a beginning :).
10.10 - 10.50
How to start working with LTV measurement in mobile gaming. How to go to advanced strategies?
How to start working with LTV measurement in mobile gaming? Solutions that can be used even by indie studios and middle size gaming studios. Simple solutions based on spreadsheets, feature selection, predictions. Presentation based on examples and case studies (from simple approaches to advanced strategies).
10.50 - 11.30
LTV measurement and gaming analytics for a scale. Build Your Own Event Analytics Pipeline Using BigQuery, Dataflow, and K8s. Jelly Button case study
Traditionally, a lot of companies rely on off-the-shelf data analytics platforms for product analytics to understand each user’s journey. However, if your product becomes a success and your volume of events is getting high, these solutions may become somewhat expensive. In this talk, we are going to review one of our projects with Jelly Button; to design their own event-analytics solution based on Google Cloud Platform in a very efficient way. Jelly Button Games develops and publishes interactive mobile and web games. It was founded in 2011 and the company’s flagship title is Pirate Kings has achieved around 70 million downloads across iOS, Android, and Facebook. Here at DoiT International, we help startups to architect, build, and operate perfectly robust data solutions based on different cloud platforms. Together with Jelly Button’s team we have built a global, robust, and secure data pipeline solution which processes and stores millions of events every hour.
11.30 - 11.55
Coffee break
11.55 - 12.25
User Acquisition? Where do I even start?
A thing or two on what to focus when starting with paid user acquisition. How to start, what to look out for and how to define the success? Approaches for bigger and smaller budgets.
12.25 - 13.00
Advanced approach to Google Universal App campaigns.
What are the tips and tricks that are not widely known? How to set up effective UA campaigns with Google?
13.00 - 13.30
Chinese market in mobile gaming.
What is the difference between marketing activities for China and Taiwan vs for other markets? What do you need to know about those markets to get chance for a success there?
13.30 - 14.20
14.20 - 14.50
How to do soft launch for a mobile game effectively?
Two sides of soft launch: marketing and technical. How to prepare effective soft launch? How to optimize marketing activities and games based on soft launch data?
14.50 - 15.20
Stand out of the crowd! Secrets of app stores marketing.
How to optimize Google Play and Appstore landing pages? What techniques are still valid, which ones are outdated? Examples and case studies.
16.00 - 17.20
Food + networking
Opportunity to have network, drink and have fun :).

GameCamp speakers

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Aviv Laufer
Aviv Laufer

Principal Reliability Engineer, DoiT International

Magdalena Zwierzynska
Magdalena Zwierzynska

Field Sales Representative, Google

Jan Chichlowski
Jan Chichlowski

CEO, Mindsense Games

Tom Drozdzynski
Tom Drozdzynski

CEO, Gamesture

Chi-Yang Lin
Chi-Yang Lin

Networks Media Buyer

Kentaro Sugiura

Japan Media Buyer, Huuuge Games

Łukasz Kwiecień
Łukasz Kwiecień

Head of Marketing Operations, Huuuge Games

Norbert Simionescu

Industry Manager, Google

Alex Grach
Alexander Grach

Head of Sales - Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, AppsFlyer

Mariusz Gąsiewski

Head of Mobile Gaming and Apps, Google

Paweł Weder

Head of Studio, Huuuge Games