Presentations from 4th edition of GameCamp that happened on 10 of December 2018. During 4th edition we had:

  • 6 presentations and discussion panel
  • 176 people
  • from 102 gaming companies.



LTV from Ads. Challenge and solution: Huuuge Games and Tap Tap Games example.

Data driven decisions- AI and Machine Learning in games.


How to leverage attribution data. Especially for advanced user acquisition?


Effective creatives in user acquisition.


Japanese market in mobile gaming.


Creating truly player-centric games – how we do it at Kolibri Games?


Google Play Instant impact on games KPIs.


Presentations from 3rd edition of GameCamp that happened on 17th of September 2018.


How to start working with LTV measurement in mobile gaming. How to go to advanced strategies?

LTV measurement and gaming analytics for a scale. Build Your Own Event Analytics Pipeline Using BigQuery, Dataflow, and K8s. Jelly Button case study


User Acquisition? Where do I even start?


Advanced approach to Google Universal App campaigns.


Chinese market in mobile gaming.


How to do soft launch for a mobile game effectively?.


Stand out of the crowd! Secrets of app stores marketing.

Presentations from 2nd edition of GameCamp that happened on 25th of June 2018.


How to use Firebase predictions for better game monetisation. Presentation based on examples and case studies.

CPM of ads in my games is low…How can I improve it? Deep looking at optimisation techniques for AdMob activities?


Mobile ad fraud deep dive with AppsFlyer

Gender bias in Mobile Gaming. How to develop games for right audiences and good profit?.

The rise of Hyper-casual & takeaways from Tap Tap Games.

Rewards Ads. How to do it right? Where it works better, where it works less (type of game and country).

Game monetization and promotion in Asia (with focus on JP, KR, South Asia). What do we know about players and payers. Which countries you should focus on for specific type of the game? Asian benchmarks.

Who plays mobile games? Data based on Google surveys.


Presentations from 1st GameCamp edition:


Effective A/B testing, using Firebase testing. Presentation based on examples and case studies.

Google Analytics for Firebase in practice? How to work with it?

CTO view on Firebase. How I used Firebase in my projects? Where I loved, where I saw limitations?

Tips & tricks for Firebase storage and Firebase functions.

Tips & Tricks for Firebase databases and authentication.

Serverless backend with Firebase functions

Firebase remote config tips & tricks.