Presentations from 7th edition of GameCamp that happened on 14-15th of October 2019. During 6th edition we had:

  • 18 presentations
  • 272 people
  • from more than 160 companies from: Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Czecha, Austria, Germany, Israel, Russia, Cyprus, UK, US, Argentina, Cuba, Taiwan, China.


Monetisation – presentations from 1st day


Monetisation trends based on the data

3 lessons from 9 years of locomotive offers: Data based user segmentation and monetisation. TrainStation case study..


How user segmentation and personalizing offers improved monetization for Geewa?




What does it mean to have good Rewarded Video?


Personalisation as the key to optimising your game’s revenue & LTV.


Innovating classic genre as the way to create new value for gaming users.Case study of Traffic Puzzle


User path analysis and user profiling.


Transit King case study – data driven design with its benefits and challenges.


LTV measurement – presentations from 2nd day


Growth markets in mobile gaming


Ad LTV in mobile gaming: deep dive into industry.


Not so trivial lessons learned from launching mid-core games.


Predicting user acquisition payback: methods and tools.

Optimising user acquisition through LTV prediction.


User Acquisition focused on LTV on steroids.


Big Problem, BigQuery: User Feature Engineering in Event-driven Analyticss.


LTV measurement and multi-touch attribution.