Ivan Kozyev

Ivan Kozyev

Head of Analytics, Crazy Panda


Ivan Kozyev has worked at Crazy Panda for more than three years, first as an Analyst and then as Head of Analytics from 2018. His main goals are optimization and automatization regarding any and everything that might require these. Starting from a common problem-monitoring system for World Poker Club, he went on to manage and improve in-house services and solutions for personalized offers. During that period, a lot of his skills were put to test: hypothesis generation, AB-testing, machine learning, and data science.

In 2018, one more big challenge emerged as Crazy Panda began the expansion of its User Acquisition activities with the release of two titles: Stellar Age and Pirate Tales. From that point onwards, Ivan has been leveraging his analytical approach in that field, providing efficient support to new products and even breathing new life into user acquisition for older ones.

Today, he is in charge of a team of analysts servicing four highly diverse projects from casual poker to a 4X MMO strategy, also overseeing user acquisition activities for Crazy Panda overall.

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