Presentations from 6th edition of GameCamp that happened on 17-18th of June 2019. During 6th edition we had:

  • 19 presentations and 1 discussion panel
  • 255 people
  • from 148 mobile gaming companies.


Growth – presentations from 1st day


Helping ASO and business results with good Vitals, device coverage and high quality of games

Miniclip’s Growth in Emerging Markets – experiments and lessons learnt.


Scaling Growth and UA activities based on Peaksel example


ASA – how to bite the Apple ads?

Google App Campaigns: Double your monthly revenue. Case study.


UA beyond Google and Facebook. Managing UA budget with many traffic sources. Learnings coming from hundred of tests and millions of USD spent.


What kind of creatives do work in different gaming categories, which creatives don’t?.


How to use influencers to drive growth – case study of Fortnite mobile launch campaign.


Usage of data – presentations from 2nd day


Hyper-casual 2.0. Is hyper-casual dead? What we can tell based on the data?


Using data to optimize onboarding and First Time User Experience in mobile game (based on Pixel Federation examples).


Live ops in mobile gaming – how to do it right?

A/B testing in ad monetisation.

A/B testing in Firebase. Peaksel examples in A/B testing.


Using data and different measurement approaches to understand incrementality and value of retargeting campaigns.


Creativity and data driven design. Learnings from Archero case.