What is GameCamp?

What is GameCamp, what is GameCamp’s mission?

GameCamp is very informal community of professionals focused on business aspects of mobile gaming and apps

The main idea behind GameCamp was

  • decrease barrier in Business, Growth, Data, Monetisation, Investment areas in mobile gaming and apps by sharing practical and useful knowledge in those areas
  • grow cooperation and networking between mobile gaming and apps professionals from different countries
  • increasing exchanging of knowledge and experience between professionals from mobile gaming and apps industry

GameCamp initiatives

The mos visible aspects of GameCamp communities are offline and online events focused on professionals:

  • GameCamp Summit – much bigger, 2-days events organised every few months for top mobile gaming and apps companies, scaleups from the region. It is one of biggest that type of events (fully focused on mobile gaming and apps professionals in Europe).



  • GameCamp roundtables – discussions in small groups (10-15 people) where they can share knowledge, experience, and views on the market. These sessions are specifically designed for people who specialise in Gaming/App topics such as Growth and User Acquisition, Data, Monetisation, and Creative, as well as for Gaming/App founders.Each session lasts for approximately one hour and provides an ideal forum for like-minded professionals to connect and learn from one another.