Presentations from 8th edition of GameCamp that happened on 5th of February 2020.

Data in mobile gaming – presentations from 2nd day


In-app offers monetization from basics to advanced technics based on Crazy Panda experience.


Learnings and insights from Benchmarks+ | Performance Insights for 1.2bn Monthly Players from 2019.


How do we do ad-hoc tasks in our Data Scientist team?


Data Science behind UA.


Using Data Science for Behavioural Game Design.


Best Mobile Engagement Practice in 2020.


Building cost-effective mobile product & marketing app analytics based on GCP. Case study.


State of Mobile Gaming Marketing in 2019 based on data.

Presentations from 6th edition of GameCamp that happened on 18th of June 2019

Usage of data – presentations from 2nd day


Hyper-casual 2.0. Is hyper-casual dead? What we can tell based on the data?


Using data to optimize onboarding and First Time User Experience in mobile game (based on Pixel Federation examples).


Live ops in mobile gaming – how to do it right?

A/B testing in ad monetisation.

A/B testing in Firebase. Peaksel examples in A/B testing.


Using data and different measurement approaches to understand incrementality and value of retargeting campaigns.


Creativity and data driven design. Learnings from Archero case.