6th edition of GameGamp

GameCamp - conference focused on business aspects of mobile gaming

Are you interested in such topics like

  • – how to monetise mobile game in different countries in the world?
  • – how to measure LTV of users in mobile game?
  • – what are best practices in user acquisition in different countries
  • – what do we know about mobile gamers and payers?
  • – how to scale gaming business?

If yes, then that conference is for you!

Experts from Poland, Israel, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Japan, China etc.

  • Gaming conferenceconference focused on business aspects of mobile gaming
  • Gaming Networkinggaming companies, studios and developers from whole CEE region and beyond
  • 17-18th of Junebook the date in your calendar!
  • Gaming expertsfrom Poland, Korea, Russia, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Israel, Ireland
  • Only 200 placesdo not wait as registrations go fast
  • Google for Startups Campus in WarsawPlac Konesera 10

6th edition of GameCamp - Agenda

9.30 - 10.00
Registration + coffee
10.00 - 10.10
10.10 - 10.45
ASO: Think outside of the box
How to grow organic presence of a mobile game making sure it brings conversions too. We will cover from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Keyword Research and Optimization, trying to dodge mainstream techniques using actual examples with a fair amount of success.
10.45 - 11.15
Helping ASO and business results with good Vitals, device coverage and high quality of games
What we learnt about Vitals based on hundreds of millions of downloads? How we work to decrease crashes, ANRs. Where we see stronger correlation between Vitals and business results, where we see lower?
11.15 - 11.45
Miniclip’s Growth in Emerging Markets - experiments and lessons learnt.
Emerging Markets are getting important component of Miniclip's growth strategy. As its audience grew globally to over 200M players, strong part of it is coming from Emerging Markets. This talk will be focused on learnings and lessons learnt from Miniclip's tests, experiments and activities.
11.45 - 12.15
Coffee break
12.15 - 12.40
How to Bootstrap your UA?
Scaling your UA is a tough challenge, especially when starting out. How to scale your UA quickly & profitably from the perspective of an indie studio to a top grossing company.
12.40 - 13.10
Scaling Growth and UA activities based on Peaksel example
Scaling UA activities based on Peaksel example. Why did we decide to start UA when we did? Who do you need to get started? What did we learn based on our successes and failures? What would we do differently? What worked better for us, where worked less? How do we try to combine performance with creativity? Tips and tricks on how to get started.
13.10 - 13.35
ASA - how to bite the Apple ads?
A walk through the basics of Apple Search Ads Advanced from a perspective of a day to day working UA manager. Analyze of the possibilities we have to start running campaigns for our relevant audiences. Can Apple Search Ads be one of our pivotal marketing channels?
13.35 - 14.30
14.30 - 15.10
Google App Campaigns: Double your monthly revenue. Case study
How we leveraged Google's UAC to double our monthly revenue in mobile sports category. How to drive growth and find high value users. This session will cover the best practices, lessons learned on the way and will be helpful if you want to scale your UA outside Facebook.
15.10 - 15.40
UA beyond Google and Facebook. Managing UA budget with many traffic sources. Learnings coming from hundred of tests and millions of USD spent.
How to create and manage UA budget for Performance in mobile gaming? Practical tips on how to do UA on rewarded video networks. What worked better for us what worked less? What you should know/be aware of once you are testing traffic sources beyond Google and Facebook?
15.40 - 16.10
Coffee break
16.10 - 16.40
What kind of creatives do work in different gaming categories, which creatives don't?
At Miri, we have run User Acquisition campaigns for 30 apps and tested around 1,500 creatives on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. With this experience, we've developed a segmentation of ads by concept (the what) and execution (the how). We will dive into detail on how we segment our ads and how each concept and execution types work for the different app categories we've worked with. This session should provide a bunch of new ideas for creatives and spark a discussion around what converts and what doesn't.
16.40 - 17.10
How to use influencers to drive growth - case study of Fortnite mobile launch campaign
What results can influencers drive effectively and where it's not enough? Should I do pre-rolls os dedicated videos? How to choose the right creators? Our top tips about cooperating with influencers to promote mobile version of Fortnite (Epic Games) across a dozen markets. Our view on the subject as an agency made of specialists from advertising and media industries.
20.30 - 1.00
GameCamp party (details will follow)
GameCamp party. Join for some networking, getting to know new people from industry, industry discussions. Party is open, although registration was giving access to open bar for some time. Location:
9.30 - 10.00
10.15 - 10.25
10.25 - 11.05
Hyper-casual 2.0. Is hyper-casual dead? What we can tell based on the data?
What changes do we see in hyper-casual space? What changes in user's behaviour, mechanics of games? In which countries it is dead already, in which countries is it booming?
11.05 - 11.45
Using data to optimize onboarding and First Time User Experience in mobile game(based on Pixel Federation examples)
Everybody knows the first impression matters. So what are the various tools one can use for optimizing first-time user experience in a game? I will show various examples of analyses and A/B tests with specific data from our games. The goal is to share what worked, what did not work and what can you learn from it to understand your players better.
11.45 - 12.15
Coffee break
12.15 - 12.50
Live ops in mobile gaming - how to do it right?
More and more growth in mobile gaming comes from Live Operations. How to use data to run Live Ops. Where it brings biggest business outcome? Good examples of live ops activities.
12.50 -13.20
A/B testing in monetisation (especially in ad monetisation)
A/B testing of ad monetisation based on experience from Outfit7 tests (9 billions+ downloads). Which aspects of ad monentisation are easier to test which ones are more difficult? How to look for hypothesis, ideas to test? Which points you should start A/B testing. Which ones require more ressources, which onces require less. What kind of improvements can we expect?
13.20 - 13.50
India: the next big thing in mobile gaming
Google Play insights about India market. What are main challenges on the market? What do you need to know about that market to grow successfully your presence there. Examples of developers who are growing their business there.
13.50 - 14.45
14.45 - 15.15
Discussion panel: Usage of data in mobile gaming. Learnings from mobile gaming projects
What are most important aspects of building data teams in mobile gaming companies? What should be biggest focus for middle size gaming companies, what is possible in bigger organisations? What should be main priority in case of IAP driven games, what should be most important in case of ad-driven games?
15.15 - 15.45
A/B testing in Firebase. Advanced approach. Peaksel examples in A/B testing
Jon from Firebase team will be talking about intermediate and advanced use cases for A/B tests using Firebase. Monetisation and developments tests. How to do it right? Where Firebase can be especially helpful, where it can be not enough? Aleksandra from Peaksel will be showing how they are using Firebase for A/B testing of games
15.45 - 16.10
Coffee break
16:10 - 16.40
Using data and different measurement approaches to understand incrementality and value of retargeting campaigns
How should you measure your retargeting campaigns correctly? Retargeting statistics and trends in mobile gaming How can you use attribution data to measure incrementality? When should you stop? How based on data understand if your players got annoyed about retargeting already?
16.40 - 17.05
Analytics and Audience Predictions in Games
An introduction to using analytics to help you deliver the right message and content to the right players of your game, leading to more focused, mindful, and hopefully profitable results. How to do it right? What are good and bad use cases?
17.05 - 17.30
Creativity and data driven design. Learnings from Archero case.
Process to create great mobile game. How we developed hit Archero? How we starte, what was our process to improve, test the project?
17.30 - 17.35

Our speakers

Presentations are in English

Adam Turowski

Co-Founder, Miri Growth

Aleksandra Aleksov
Aleksandra Aleksov

Data Analyst, Peaksel

Ante Odic from Outfit7
Ante Odic

Head of Analytics, Outfit7

Damian Fijalkowski
Damian Fijalkowski

CTO, T-Bull

Daniel Zilberberg
Daniel Zilberberg

Product Data Analysts Team Leader, AppsFlyer

Farhan Haq
Farhan Haq

Head of Performance Marketing and Mobile Growth, SYBO

Filip Gapiński
Filip Gapiński

Head of games marketing, Gameset

Ivan Trancik - CEO of SuperScale
Ivan Trancik

CEO, SuperScale

Jakub Marek

Head of Big Data & Monetization, SuperScale

Jayvian Hong
Jayvian Hong

Senior Commercial Associate, Miniclip

Jon Skrip
Jon Skrip

Software Engineer, Google/Firebase,

Jorge Canga Alonso de Caso

Founder, Kaizen Internet

julius vencel
Július Vencel

CMO, PowerPlay Studio

Łukasz Miądowicz
Łukasz Miądowicz

Startup Relations Manager, Huuuge Games

Magdalena Sumowska
Magdalena Sumowska

Search Media Buyer, Huuuge Games

magda zareba
Magdalena Zareba

Networks Media Buyer, Huuuge Games

Marcin Kolenda

Co-Founder/Chief Analyst, Alterdata.io

Mariusz Gąsiewski

Head of Mobile Gaming and Apps, Google

Max Samorukov
Max Samorukov

CEO, DataMagic Rocks

Michal Grno
Michal Grno

Head of Marketing Analytics, Pixel Federation

misha syrotiuk
Misha Syrotiuk

Head of Ad Networks and Programmatic, Huuuge Games

Nikola Petkovic
Nikola Petkovic

Content Manager, Peaksel

Piotr Bombol
Piotr Bombol

CEO, Gameset

Srikant Varadaraj
Srikant Varadaraj

BDM, Habby